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Performance Resume

Aaron Mendelson


                       Height: 5'11"           

                       Weight: 180

                       Hair: Grey               

                       Eyes: Grey-Blue





Muted Voices                               Supporting            Froylan Cabuto

Secret of Light                              Supporting            Vahram Hakobian

The List                                         Supporting            George Moise

Power Poison                               Supporting            Vahram Hakobian

Out                                                 Supporting            George Moise

Layla                                              Supporting            Lydia Martinelli

The Stalker Within                       Supporting           Arlene Grant                          

Battle for the Serpent Stone        Lead                       Sean R. Olson                        Training            

Santos 3000                                   Supporting            M. Greenlee (Prod)               Improv: Larry Drake   

Fifty Year Reunion                       Lead                       Bobby Boermans                   Scenes: The Actor's Gym       

Are You Serious?                          Supporting           Rick Walls                              Audition Tech.: Tim Phillips 

I'm Not Cooking Tonight           Supporting            Takaya Yamazaki                  Shakespeare: Nan Martin

The Mutual Beat                           Lead                      Takaya Yamazaki                  Meisner: The Actor's Inst.







New York  Theater

Tai Chi Chuan (Yang Style 108)

Tae Kwon Do

Dance: Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Afrocentric, Hip-Hop

Afro-percussion: Djembe/Conga

Voice: Baritone

The Wayward                              Hobo Joe                Circle in the Square Asiad                                             Lead Drummer     La MaMa Annex
Capitol Cakewalk                        Senator Fall           AMAS  Theater
La Galue                                       Valentin                  River Arts Rep, NY

How Long Can They Last?        Ensemble                Dance Space Theater

ESL Teacher Training, Levels I and II, UCLA

BA Drama, Dartmouth College

African Studies Center, Boston University

Harvard University Summer School Scholarship

Los Angeles Theater

Watson... Harry Houdini           Carnival Barker   Sacred Fools Theater

Live! From the Last Night...      Circle K worker   Sacred Fools Theater

Course Acting Theater               Villager                 Sacred Fools Theater

Hauntings                                   Weird Sister       Shakespeare Center LA

Twelfth Night                              Sea Captain          A Noise Within

Julius Caesar                               Marc Antony        Quantum Theater

Romeo & Juliet                            Tybalt                   East LA Classic Theater

Twelve Angry Men                     Juror #5                 New Mercury Theater

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